Don't make homemade sunscreen

Search online for DIY sunscreen recipes and you’ll find hundreds of thousands of results. People say they’re opting for homemade sunscreen for several reasons. Many want to know exactly what they’re applying to their skin. Others want to make sure to skip “toxic” chemicals and go a more natural route. And many just want to save money. But homemade sunblock doesn’t necessarily fulfill those promises.

Sunscreens are regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to make sure the active ingredients are safe and the SPF and broad spectrum coverage is proven. When you whip up your own concoction, you may know what ingredients you’re applying, but you have no clue about protection.

“You cannot possibly make your own sunscreen because it’s hard enough for companies to make sunscreens that are accurate in SPF as is. Thus that is a bad idea,” New York-based board-certified dermatologist Debra Jaliman M.D. tells MNN.

“A myth about sunscreen I frequently hear is that the chemicals in sunscreens are dangerous. When was the last time you read an article about someone dying from the chemicals in sunscreens? We have certainly read many articles about people dying from malignant melanoma and one person dies every hour from malignant melanoma in the United States.”

When you apply DIY sunscreen, you have no idea if you — or your children — will be protected until you take the risk of heading out into the sun and find out if you burn or not.

And just one bad sunburn during childhood or adolescence can nearly double the risk of developing skin cancer, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. Having five bad sunburns between 15 and 20 raises the risk of melanoma by a whopping 80 percent.

“The long and short of it is that it is better to trust the pros than try to make this stuff at home,” Sonya Lunder, senior analyst at Environmental Working Group, tells MNN. “Formulating sunscreens is an art and a science.”

You don’t know what you’re getting

Woman with umbrella If you worry about chemicals in sunscreen, you can buy clothing and sun umbrellas with SPF in them. (Photo: Alexander Chaikin/Shutterstock)

Many of the DIY sunscreen recipes involve a mixture of zinc oxide, shea butter and oils. Paste zinc oxide can be an effective sunblock and is often used by lifeguards, says Rebecca Baxt, M.D., a board certified dermatologist who practices in Paramus, New Jersey,

“Plain zinc oxide is the best sunblock since it’s a physical barrier and not much gets through it. It’s a white paste so people don’t like to use it much,” she says. “It’s not cosmetically pleasing.”

But the zinc and titanium suggested in most DIY sunscreen recipes is generally in power form.

Lunder especially cautions people against buying nano forms of zinc and titanium powder. “The particles are much more absorbed by the lungs and nasal passages — which is why we don’t recommend people use powder or spray sunscreens.”

Other DIY recipes just include a mix of essential oils. In those cases, that might leave you with no sun protection at all. You could also have an unpleasant response to ingredients.

“Making your own sunblock is unproven and untested so it’s very easy to get a sunburn or allergic reaction and rash,” Baxt says.

If you’re worried about having an all-natural, chemical-free solution, there’s a much safer, more effective alternative, she suggests.

“The best non-chemical sunblock is clothing, hat, umbrellas, and you can get those with SPF in them!”

And if you’re trying to save money, Consumer Reports says doing it yourself isn’t always the most economical way. On of the “best buys” on the organization’s recent sunscreen rankings included one that was only 79 cents per ounce, which is likely cheaper than the ingredients you’d purchase to make sunscreen at home.

Editor’s note: This story was originally written in July 2009 and has been updated.

Amazing Traditional Game In Happy New Year

Mary Jo DiLonardo writes about everything from health to parenting — and anything that helps explain why her dog does what he does.

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Top 10 destinations in Northern Israel – JerusalemOnline

Northern Israel is home to many attractions that make it a rich region for tourism. While many tourists tend to focus on Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, Northern Israel is not a place you want to leave off of your list of sights to see during your next trip to Israel.

Sea of Galilee: Located between the Galilee region of Israel and the country’s border with Syria, the Sea of Galilee is a great sight to see on your visit to northern Israel. The Sea of Galilee is Israel’s largest freshwater lake and the second-lowest lake in the world (after the Dead Sea). If you visit the lake in September, you will be able to attend the annual Kinneret Crossing race.

Acre (Akko): If you are craving some tasty hummus, Acre is the place to go. This northern coastal city is located just north of Haifa and is shared by large Jewish and Muslim populations. Acre’s Old City was designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 2001. The city is home to the Al-Jazzar Mosque, the Tunisian Synagogue known as Jariva and several Bahá’í holy sites.

Follow JerusalemOnline Twitter page and stay up to date with the latest news

Caesarea: Children will especially get a kick out of the Caesarea Harbor National Park. The port of Caesarea was built during the Roman period by Herod the Great and remains a main attraction for Israelis and tourists alike. Besides the archeological exhibit that Caesarea has to offer, there are many restaurants and boutique shops at the port.

The Golan Heights: The Golan Heights region is known as one of Israel’s most attractive areas. The region is filled with many points of observation that offer breathtaking views of Israel and its neighbors. If you visit the region during the winter, you may want to check out the Mount Hermon Ski Resort. Even if you don’t ski, you can take a nice cable car ride and capture some breathtaking pictures of the views.

Safed: Safed is not just a must-see if you are interested in visiting historical sites. This city is also rich in natural beauty and boutique stores that sell one-of-a-kind artworks and hand-made jewelry. Of course, there are also great souvenir shops in the city.  

Haifa: Haifa is home to the Bahá’í World Center, another UNESCO World Heritage Site. Tours in English, Russian, Arabic and Hebrew are offered at the Bahá’í Gardens free of charge. Haifa is also the home to many museums. If you are traveling with children, they will love Madatech, Israel’s national museum of science, technology and space. In addition, the Haifa Educational Zoo is a wonderful place to visit while in Haifa. The zoo is home to over 100 types of animals including wolves, hyenas and apes.

Hula Nature Reserve: This nature reserve is an important stop for birds migrating between Africa, Europe and the Middle East. There is a three-story observation tower in the nature reserve near the walking trail around the lake.  

Zikhron Ya’akov: Zikhron Ya’akov is a small town located between Hadera and Haifa. Many enjoy visiting the Zikhron Ya’akov Midrachov (pedestrian mall) and shopping at the boutique artistic shops and having a bite to eat at the local cafes.

Rosh HaNikra: Rosh HaNikra is unlike any other place you will see in Israel. When you show your friends back home the pictures you took from the Rosh Hanikra grottoes and caves, they will be very jealous. They will also be jealous after you tell them about the cable car ride you took at the site.

Daliyat al-Karmel: The Druze village of Daliyat al-Karmel is located near Haifa. On your visit to the village, you will have the opportunity to shop in the local market and taste some of the delicious Druze cuisines.

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LOCAL WOMEN IN BUSINESS – Biddeford – Saco – OOB Courier

 Betsy Ames-Fitzgerald welcomes her daughter Cheyenne Fitzgerald to the Sold on Betsy team at Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in Kennebunk. Betsy Ames-Fitzgerald welcomes her daughter Cheyenne Fitzgerald to the Sold on Betsy team at Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in Kennebunk. Take a cue from successful women

According to the Fortune 500 list, 2015 tied the record set for the highest number of female CEOs in America’s largest companies by revenue. Twenty-four women, including Mary Barra of General Motors, Meg Whitman of Hewlett-Packard and Ginny Rometty of IBM, made the list.

Although women make up 45 percent of the labor force and only 5 percent head Fortune 500 companies, women are making greater strides than ever before.

• Be passionate about what you do. Women who maintain passion about their careers are more likely to overcome any challenges and stand out in the workplace. If your profession is not stoking any passion, explore alternate career opportunities.

• Recognize your strengths. Today’s professionals are less likely than their predecessors to stick with one company or line of work for their entire working lives. But just because you change jobs or career paths does not mean your past experience is useless. Successful women know what they do best, whether it’s public speaking, writing or making sales pitches. Apply those strengths when looking for a new job or career. • Know when to ask for help. Even the most accomplished women have limitations. Asking for help when you need it can help you overcome those limitations. To be good at what you do, you first have to learn from others. Sometimes the smartest way to overcome an obstacle is having several hands on deck to provide a boost. Thinking that the work is better left to you alone could be a mistake. Enlist help when you need it and never hesitate to ask for another perspective.

• Make time for exercise. A sluggish body can make for a sluggish mind. Successful people need to be sharp, and exercise can help them maintain their mental focus. According to John J. Ratey, Ph.D., a clinical associate professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, muscles send hormones rushing to the brain where they mix with a substance called brain-derived neurotrophic factor, or BDNF. BDNF plays a role in brain cell growth and learning. Without it, brains can’t absorb new information or grow and learn. Exercise also helps relieve stress, which can make resolutions easier to see and make tasks less overwhelming.

• Go easy on yourself. While many successful people strive for perfection, achieving perfection is unlikely, if not impossible. Successful people often admit to being their own worst critics, but don’t beat yourself up if you endure some trial and error. Mistakes can be a great teacher, so use any you make to your advantage. • Don’t be afraid to take risks. Successful women are not afraid to take risks. Many may have decided they don’t fit a specific mold and want to affect change. However, calculated risks are different from reckless decisions, and it is important to recognize the difference. A calculated risk may involve starting your own business after learning the ropes in a specific field and testing the waters. Reckless behavior would be opening that business with no relevant experience.

Emma Lockwood opens Ocean & D, gift shop and gallery space, on Ocean Street in Knightville

Ocean & D is gift shop, gallery space, and studio space for shopkeeper/designer Emma Lockwood. Almost two years ago Emma moved from Portland to South Portland, fell in love with this community, and started looking for a retail space where she could sell her own line of home goods made from fabric she designs, while also supporting the work of other artists, designers and makers. The shop opened last November at the corner of Ocean Street and D Street in Knightville. Emma shows the work of local artists in the shop’s gallery and has filled the space with ceramics, stationary, gifts and home accessories. For information on artist receptions, monthly sewing workshops, and other upcoming events, visit ocean and or stop by 87 Ocean Street, Wednesday through Saturday from 10-5.

Heidi Richards – H.R. Inspection Services, LLC

As a Certified Real Estate Inspector, my goal is to make sure that the property you are hoping for is exactly the property you end up with. How do I do that? By fulfilling my promise to you that the services you pay for are the services rendered. Throughout my years in the inspection industry it has always been my goal to start my own business. In being the owner, I can expand within many different avenues of this profession. The services provided in addition to Real Estate Inspections are Commercial Project Reports, Safety Inspections, Maintenance Inspections, Fuel Testing and so much more. H.R. Inspection Services will travel from Augusta to the Maine/New Hampshire border. For a full list of services, check out

I want to inspire young girls to dream their dreams and then go make them happen….. knowing it’s cool to be different!

It’s All About the Tea

I love all things tea; the civility, the cultural traditions, and the accoutrements. But most of all, I love the leaf. When I thought about opening Nellie’s in 2003, it was very much the “trappings” of tea that were attractive to me. But, as I began really studying tea, becoming Maine’s only Certified Tea Specialist in 2009, I became enchanted with the mysteries of the leaf. That black, green, oolong, and white teas all come from the same botanical is such an amazing phenomenon. I love sharing my passion for the leaf with others who want to learn.

Marianne Russo

Nellie’s Tea Company

Coastal Unpholstery is your “One Stop Shop” for all your upholstery needs!

Laura Rendell has been working in the marine industry for over 15 years. Laura opened Coastal Upholstery in 2010 to provide top quality custom upholstery products and services including: • Boat Cushions • Marine Carpeting • Home Furniture/Cushions • Seating for Motorcycles and Snowmobiles • Onsite patch sales and sewing • Zippers and Snap Replacement • Clear Vinyl Window Replacement

Laura brings her passion for boats, motorcycles and quality craftsmanship to all her work. She lives in South Portland with her cat Mitty.

Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in Kennebunk

A family tradition of service and leadership continues, as Betsy Ames Fitzgerald welcomes her daughter Cheyenne Fitzgerald to the Sold on Betsy team at Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in Kennebunk.

Cheyenne graduates from Merrimack College this spring with a B.S. in Marketing. A Dean’s List student, Cheyenne was selected to attend the American Marketing Association International Collegiate Conference in New Orleans this month. The conference brings 1,700 top marketing students from around the world for professional development and networking. Cheyenne earned her Realtor license last year and will be joining the Sold on Betsy team after graduation and will focus on social media marketing.

A lifelong resident of the Kennebunks, Betsy continues to bring award-winning results to her loyal clients. “It’s a great time to sell, as market demand is high and inventory is low,” she says. For a free market valuation of your home, contact Betsy or Cheyenne at (207) 967-5558.

Maine Shoreline Realty

True Blue Mainer! Born and raised in York County Maine along the coast. Old Orchard Beach was and still is my stomping ground. My Real Estate career started in 1994 making this a wonderful challenge to be the best at helping Buyers and Sellers achieve their piece of The American Dream (Home Ownership). I’m an agent that will always allow you pave the path to the right home. Making my buyers fell comfortable while shopping till you drop, with absolutely no pressure to purchase the first home they see. Now if you’re one of my seller, you will have the ability to help with constructive changes on how you’re listing appears in the MLS. I love what I do, you’ll see it will shine through. I provide great service to Buyers, Sellers, First timers, Baby Boomers, Generation x, Millennial. 207.286.2000

Shop at Krucial Cos, a unique location for natural bath and beauty products!

Walk down the stairs at 38 Market Street in Portland’s Old Port, and you will find yourself at Krucial Cos. They offer a wide range of all-natural and organic products, hand made right here in Maine! Products offered include everything from makeup to beard care. Go ahead and try any product you would like. No harsh chemicals or preservatives are ever used! Try one of their luscious body butters or swipe on one of the many different shades of pigmented eye shadows. There is truly something for everyone at KC!

Kaitlyn McCarthy began Krucial Cos in 2014. She first started making her own natural beauty products when she was just 9 years of age. She had recently went back to her roots of wanting to make her own products, and thus her company was born. Kaitlyn plans to continue to grow and expand, with many new products in the works. Stop in soon to check it out! Can’t make it in? Shop online at!

Hour Glass Company ~ South Portland, Maine

For over 5 years Holly & Dan Libby of Hour Glass Company have been committed to providing quality glass products and fast, dependable service at very competitive prices! We are local, family owned and operated, whose mission is to give you and your project the kind of attention that you deserve. We take a personal interest in your satisfaction and continue to grow by your recommendations. Unlike the larger glass companies we don’t carry a large overhead, so – we really do sell for less!

Our prices are fantastic Holly says, but our over the top, friendly service will keep you coming back!

Although Custom heavy glass shower surrounds and shower doors have evolved into our specialty, call us for ALL your glass needs! We do anything glass related – from auto glass and windshields, to residential glass replacement, custom mirror work, vinyl replacement windows and doors, to commercial doors, small storefront projects, and everything in between. Glass To Go….

Hour Glass provides affordable cut glass service- window glass, thermal glass replacement, tabletops and more. Safety Glass, frosted, etched and specialty glass is available. We even do screen repair! Heavy Glass Shower Enclosures & Shower Doors….

Hour Glass/Hour Shower excels in the installation of better quality shower enclosures & doors, in various styles, while catering to all budgets. Our team has designed and installed hundreds of shower enclosures from start to finish, from standard to fully custom enclosures. We also work with builders and architects to maximize space and bathroom functionality.

Just call Holly to set up an appointment or walk right into our showroom at 619 Main Street in South Portland.

Ember’s Stoves & Fireplaces – 8 Years Strong

Peggy Brown & her Co-owner Ernie Stanhope opened Ember’s Stoves & Fireplaces in June Of 2009. Peggy has over 21 years experience in the Hearth Industry and she understands what her customers need!

Service begins with Peggy in the showroom 6 days a week helping the customers decide what their options are and making sure that they are completely satisfied with their purchase. You have questions to ask…

Peggy Has All Your Answers! Embers carries a variety of lines including Jotul, Mendota, Kozy Heat, Regency, Enviro, Pacific Energy, Wittus and Vermont Castings! Need an evening appointment, Call Peggy at 207-221-8242

Fiddleheads Flowers & Vintage Chic Gifts & Little Red Wagon Toys & Gifts are celebrating their 6th Year In Business!

Lauren Springer was born and raised in Cape Elizabeth Maine. After 11 years in Boston, she decided to head back north were the ocean may be cold but the people are warm. After managing a flower shop in Portland for a few years, Lauren decided that it was time to make her dream, of being a small business owner, a reality. With her husbands support and encouragement Fiddleheads was born in 2011 and in 2014 Lauren opened Little Red Wagon right next door to Fiddleheads. Little Red Wagon is a place for families to explore and find high quality toys. Lauren grew up in Cape Elizabeth and now lives there with her husband and four year old son Laurens attraction to texture and unusual floral accents makes her designs original and fun. Her shop is filled with vintage items that she has hunted for all over New England. Lauren has produced flowers for countless weddings and hopes that many will enjoy her unique take on floral design.

Angel’s Arrowhead outgrows its Knightville location and moves to a larger space at 382 Cottage Road in South Portland

Sherie Wolfe, the owner of Angel’s Arrowhead relocated from the Old Port after a 9 year absence in there tail world!

Carrying vintage beads and findings, an assortment of unusual treasures from around the world, women’s casual clothing, the best yoga attire made by Balini, plus other yoga clothing, Sherie can’t keep enough stock on the shelves!

Sherie continues to receive new shipments of dresses, tunics and leggings for all ages & budgets! She is also still doing re-stringing and pearl knotting along with personalized designs for proms or any other special occasions.

The Maine Window Company Testimonials

“To say that we are pleased with our new windows would be an understatement. They are wonderful and we could not be happier with the entire experience of working with both of you.” (Diane & Tom, Kennebunk)

“I have recently had the pleasure of working with Lisa and Chris from The Maine Window Company. Super friendly, flexible, reliable, and knowledgeable about their business.” (Heather, Waterboro)

“We were more than satisfied with the windows. The installation was done professionally and quickly. Awesome job start to finish. We will call you again for future projects.”

With over 30 years of experience in the window industry, Lisa Corey and Christopher Cummings never grow tired of providing quality products and service to their customers. “The best part of my profession is seeing the end result: that smile on the face of a happy customer as they see their home transformed with their new windows,” states Corey.

Studio 77-Art Of Hair Begins Their 16th Year In Business In A New State-Of-The-Art Location… 980 Broadway in South Portland!

AnneMarie Callow is the proud owner & operator of this wonderful State-Of-The- Art Hair Salon on 980 Broadway in South Portland. She and her staff pride themselves with dedication to their clients, with their continued education. You will always receive, quality and precision hair services, including new techniques and product lines that include Goldwell, Kerasilk, KMS, Moroccanoil & more. Also offering personalized services like manicures & pedicures using top of the line products.

You can be sure your experience will be educational in their comfortable, relaxed newly renovated salon.

Kathleen Scott – Coldwell Banker

Tenacious, unflappable, savvy and fiercely independent, Kathleen Scott has been in Real Estate for 25+ years in Maine and Sanibel Island. Kathleen owned American Dream Realty, helping hundreds of clients buy and sell their homes, many of whom have followed her to Coldwell Banker. While raising two sons, Kathleen also helps her mom Verna Scott run 1840s House Antiques on Main Street in Yarmouth, specializing in Victorian clothing.

Ambitious and talented, Julia Edwards draws daily upon the skills and lessons learned from her diverse experiences: living in Germany, New York, D.C., and Oslo, Norway (on a Fulbright fellowship!), earning a Masters in International Relations on full scholarship, teaching full-time at USM, directing a State-wide global education program and working as a consultant at the UN.

After re-joining forces from the American Dream Realty days, these two are selling up a storm. Their perspectives and shared love of helping people achieve homeownership translate into strong, spirited client representation. The Real Estate market changes; Kathleen and Julia’s energy, kindness and strength remain constant.

Heirloom Consignment

When you walk into Heirloom Consignment at 161 Ocean St. in South Portland, you never know what you are going to find, but store owner Michelle Raymond guarantees you will be impressed with the offering.

“People that come in can expect exceptional quality merchandise at a cost less than retail. We have been in business for three years and people are still bringing great stuff in. We have things coming and going pretty much at the same speed,” said Raymond, who has 30 years experience in interior design and furniture sales.

Although it depends on the week, or even the day, there are upward of 2,000 items on the sales floor of the 4,000-square-foot store, located in the Mill Creek section of the city. Items include furniture, tables and chairs and decorative items, such as lamps, rugs, artwork and mirrors.

Raymond said once an item is accepted, she uses her background in interior decorating and furniture sales to determine an asking price. That price is reduced by 20 percent after 31 days and another 30 percent after 61 days.

Many customers come in to Heirloom Consignment looking to decorate their home, while others stop by to find unique items. As spring approaches, she said, she sees a surge in re-decorating homes in a lighter tone and people are coming in looking to furnish their camps or cottages.

For more information about Heirloom Consignment or to sell items, visit, or email Raymond at or call her at 747-5112. The store is open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday.

Linda Flynn Looks at the Past 15 Years in the Real Estate Business!

After leaving a 24 year career in the semiconductor business I entered into the real estate world, fortunately for me my family had been in the real estate business, FLYNN & Company in south Portland, where I grow up. For the past 15 years I have been in the Real Estate business I have seen a lot of changes, mostly positive certainly in the technology piece as well as lending practices, however what has always in my mind stayed consistent is the relationship with clients. I have been fortunate over the years to have multi generations of clients from the grandparents to now their first time home buyer grandchildren. The most important for me is the valued friendships I have made along the way. Real estate is more than just finding the perfect home, it is was happens between going under contract and closing the final deal that makes us feel success. I am fortunate to have a great group of people behind me and enjoy what do everyday!

Eleanor L. Dominguez, ESQ. of Ainsworth, Thelin & Raftice, P.A.

Located at 7 Ocean Street in South Portland, the law firm of Ainsworth, Thelin & Raftice, P.A. has served southern Maine for more than 30 years. For Eleanor “Elly” Dominguez, who joined the practice in 2014, the focus is elder law and estate planning.

Elly finds that with estate and elder law she really gets to know the people she is working for. In this field of law, she helps her clients when they may be feeling their worst. She also gets the added benefit of being able to learn from their life experiences.

Part of Elly’s empathy for seniors also stems from the fact so many were enlisted in the military, making veterans law a growing aspect of her work. She elaborates, “for me, it’s so nice to be able to work with seniors because I have such a love and affection for those who served and protected us, like my dad did for 20 years, and like my brother still does.” Elly received her accreditation from the Department of Veterans Administration in 2016.

Elly’s compassion for seniors extends outside of the office. As a Master Gardener Volunteer, Elly has participated in the Garden Angel program for the past two years, helping seniors who are no longer physically able to garden.

Port Grooming – #1 Animal Groomers in South Portland!

At Port Grooming and Pet Care Center, the founder and co -owner Rebecca Lake, puts together her love and training in art with her love of animals. With her many years of professional grooming experience, she is a busy sought after animal groomer. Rebecca uses and has used for over twenty years, natural pet shampoos.

“Using natural shampoo is better for the pet, the environment and the person bathing the animal” Port Grooming believes in healthy good quality pet food. They carry many varieties of natural, holistic and dehydrated pet food for their customers to choose from.

Linda Murray – Approved Home Mortgage

Linda Murray is a residential mortgage broker at Approved Home Mortgage, A Maine Capital Group Company located in downtown Portland. She was born and raised in South Portland, Maine and began her career as a small business owner where she learned that while many companies offer the same product, customer service is what sets you apart from the rest. After selling her company in 2012, Linda transitioned into real estate where she took a position in sales at an emerging title company. It was here that she found her stride and was able to create the work/ life balance that supported her lifestyle as a working mother of two boys. Eventually, she found her next step was to transition into lending, a process with which she was very familiar having seen the process from the inside of the title and closing side of the transaction. Linda enjoys working with her clients and takes the time to learn about and council each one of them in the way they need. She especially loves the reward of working with first-time homebuyers and Veterans. Linda has always been passionate about community involvement and giving back. In 2015, she cofounded K9s on The Front Line, a local nonprofit providing fully trained PTSD service dogs to Maine Combat Veterans at no cost to them. Linda lives in Scarborough, Maine with her two sons and their German shepherd, Luna. She enjoys traveling with her boys, watching them play sports, hiking with her dog and spending free time in the summer at the beach. She can be contacted at for more information about her business and free mortgage consultations.

Cathy LeBlanc, Subco Enterprises

Cathy is a founding partner in Subco Enterprises. Since 1991, she and her business partner pride themselves in fresh, delicious, made-to-order sandwiches at all of their Subway Sandwich stores. With 15 stores under their belt, they recently acquired the 52 Elm Street, Biddeford and the 535 Main St, Saco stores. With a staff of 200 people, Cathy is in integral part of the company with a focus on human resources, employee relations and consumer complaints.

Cathy is a proud grandmother, avid golfer and volunteers her time with the Saco Sunset Rotary, Toys for Tots, and various committees at Biddeford / Saco Country Club and with AFS-USA a non-profit foreign exchange student program. Visit a Subway Sandwich store in central and southern Maine located in Windham, Dunstan Corner Scarborough, Payne Rd Scarborough, South Portland, Cornish, Westbrook, China, Falmouth, Auburn, Oxford, Waterboro, Bridgton, Naples, Oxford, Elm Street Biddeford and Saco.

Biddeford Painting

Kim Cochrane, Business Operations, Biddeford Painting.

Kim joined the Biddeford Painting team in 2014. With a background in Sport Psychology and Counseling she had no idea how much her 11 years of working in college athletics would help in running a family painting business. Kim is responsible for scheduling jobs, organizing the estimates, marketing, billing, dealing with personnel issues, customer satisfaction, online presence, hiring and any other issues that come along the way.

Biddeford Painting was founded by Kim’s father, Scott Cochrane in 1975. We are an all services painting company. We specialize in interior and exterior painting applications. We are members of the Biddeford Saco Chamber of Commerce, Kennebunk/ Kennebunkport/ Arundel Chamber of Commerce, Better Business Bureau rating of A+, and involved in a number of community service projects throughout York County.

Family owned and locally operated. Check out our work at or on facebook/biddefordpainting. Call for your free estimate 207-282-9093.

Nvest Financial Group

With so many different financial resources from whom to get advice, it’s sometimes difficult to choose the right advisor. But much like the difference between a big box hardware store and your local hardware store, a boutique firm such as Nvest Financial Group provides personal, engaged advice from leading advisors with a wealth of experience and credentials. We believe that our relationship with you is the initial key to a successful financial plan that eventually leads to an investment plan that you can rely on through your and your family’s life. Nvest prides itself on an infrastructure that can address all aspects of your wealth management in a timely and professional fashion, regardless of the situation. We will help you Envision your future as you Entrust us as your financial partner and together, our goal is to Enrich your life.

Did you know?

The number of women in leadership roles in both politics and business continues to rise. According to the Pew Research Center, the percentage of United States Senators who are female has risen from just 2 percent in 1965 to 20 percent in 2015. A similar spike has taken place in the United States House of Representatives, which is now 19.3 percent women compared to just 2.3 percent in 1965. State legislatures have also witnessed the growing role of women, as state legislatures, which were just 4.5 percent female in 1971, are now 24 percent female. Fortune 500 companies have also increasingly turned to women to fill leadership roles. In 2014, 5.2 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs were women. While that figure is still low, it’s certainly an improvement over 1995, when no Fortune 500 company employed a female as its CEO. Fortune 500 companies are also increasingly relying on women to serve as board members, which were 16.9 percent women in 2013 compared to less than 10 percent in 1995. Women also are getting more opportunities to lead on college campuses than they were roughly 30 years ago, when just 9.5 percent of college presidents were women. By 2011, that figure had nearly tripled to 26.4 percent.

Shaheen & Gordon, P.A.

Shaheen & Gordon, P.A. is the local Maine law firm with regional resources. Our expert legal team and scope of practice is focused on serving the people of southern Maine with the same spirit that the firm was founded upon: Putting our clients first, protecting their interests and getting results.

Our practice areas include Personal Injury, Family Law,Worker’s Compensation, Criminal and Civil Defense, OUI, Litigation, Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution, Estate Planning, Wills, Trusts, Probate, Elder Law, Employment, and Corporate and Commercial representation. We have in offices in Saco and Portland as well as Dover, Concord, Manchester and Meredith, New Hampshire.

Shaheen & Gordon is your full-service law firm serving individuals and businesses throughout northern New England. For more information,

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Best Deals for Thursday 03/30/2017

Synthetic Foundation Contour Eyeshadow Brushes (15pcs): 79% Off, Shuttle Art 120 Unique Colors (No Duplicates) Gel Pen Set: 72% Off, Adjustable & Foldable Headset for iPhone and Android for Only $14.99…these and more awesome deals!

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Want to learn more about Tarpon Springs’ Greektown district? Now there’s an app for that –


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The connections to Greece are everywhere. You can spot them as you watch workers fill wooden tubs with sponges outside the tourist shops on Dodecanese Boulevard. You can smell them as the scent of fresh Greek pastries floats down the sidewalk on Athens Street. You can hear them as you stand next to the Anclote River, listening to the waves knock against the hulls of the old wooden sponge boats.

But if you want to know how deep Greek roots really run in Tarpon Springs, now there’s an app for that.

A free app offering an aural tour of the Greektown district was released Thursday. The educational tool is a joint project between the city and the Florida Humanities Council that can be downloaded to smartphones or tablets.

“The Florida Stories Walking Tour of Tarpon Springs” lists 10 stops along a mile-long path. At each stop, visitors listen to a historical narrative as Greek music plays in the background and pictures appear on the screen.

The tour starts at a sponge diving helmet workshop just north of Dodecanese Boulevard. It winds down over the docks and into the site of the original Sponge Exchange. It loops up Athens Street and Lafayette Boulevard over to the Craig Park area along the bayou. By the time it ends at St. Nicholas Church, visitors will have heard a hefty number of stories on brotherhood and family loyalty, the origins of Greek songs and recipes, and the importance of the Greek Orthodox religion to the community.

The city’s curator of arts and historical resources, Tina Bucavales, lives in Greektown and was one of the project’s coordinators.

“You know, tourists go to the docks and they go into the shops … but they typically don’t talk to the local people,” she said. “There is so much more for visitors to learn.”

Much of the tour material, such as the stories and vintage photos, came from conversations Bucavales has had with her neighbors.

“I knew I would be able to tell stories that not many people know about,” she said. “For example, there is the story on the Greek record company (Grecophon Records was started on Athens Street). Even people who recognize the name of the record company don’t realize it started in Tarpon Springs, and I got to share that story, one that I learned by making friends with older people in the neighborhood.”

The Florida Humanities Council began the Florida Stories Walking Tour in 2015. Currently, there are tours for St. Augustine (the first to be selected), Ybor City, Bartow, Lake Wales, DeLand and now Tarpon Springs. In the coming months, Key West, Fernandina Beach and Fort Pierce will be added.

The Florida Humanities Council’s website administrator, Lisa Lennox, helped choose the communities. She said it’s too hard to pick her favorite, but she gave kudos to Tarpon Springs.

“The music is wonderful, the pictures are fabulous, and by the way the narrator speaks, the time of the tour just flies by,” Lennox said. “It is well-written and engaging, and that’s how the tour was developed. That’s all Tina.

“If I had to pick a favorite part of this tour, it would probably be the stop at St. Michael’s Shrine. What a great story to share about how important the religion is to the people there. I love that about Tarpon Springs.”

Visitors should be warned that not all the tour stops are accessible to the public, Bucavales said, such as the former sponge-packing warehouses along Roosevelt Boulevard. Some of the historic properties belong to private citizens.

“It is fine to look over fences from the sidewalk,” Bucavales said, “but don’t go on private property unless you have permission, of course.”

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