“Amazing Save Daily Time and Money”, AB Sky Express–Services– is doing in two specialized services are “TRAVEL” and “COURIER”. We serve you today in the busy world where people needed to explore their dream and  complementary assignment to them. In the travel services, AB Sky Express is providing an air booking, hotel reservation, bus/boat/train booking, passport and visa arrangement and lastly travel insurance. Even though, we limit our services but happy to get your feedback.
The last services, AB Sky Express is complementary to well connect both local and international people by courier their products, mails, delivery, money order or pick-up a mail/letter at bus/taxi/home based station to send out their advised direction. The AB Sky Express is still open space to build partnership with relevant agencies for giving a gap of our clients needed in Travel and Courier. The AB Sky Express team are carefully listen and do it for dealing with satisfactions for all existed and new clients.


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